Let's Get Social!!

Now that I've put the textbooks aside (for now) I can take on a few things that I've been wanting to dabble in for a while.


I have expressed to some of you my love of literature and writing. I have been in this business for quite some and I'm excited to put some of my thoughts and experiences in writing. Obviously, I would never kiss and tell but I look forward to giving my light-hearted, unfiltered take on things.



I created a Twitter account in May 2019. I'm finally ready to start interacting and sharing some of my daily "goings-on". Please follow and stay tuned.........




I realize that I have been a littler harder to catch up with lately and I appreciate your patience.

This year I'm finally working in the field in which I have my newest degree in addition to spending more time with my family. My intended schedule is posted but is subject to change in the event of personal schedule changes, Holidays, ect.

It is hard for me to book same day appointments once my day is confirmed and started. I highly suggest sending booking requests the day before (or in the morning for same day appointments). I may not be able to get back to you in time for your same day request. However, I always respond even if I am unable to accommodate that day.

I check my "Bat Phone" twice a day (early morning and late evening)  on Saturday's and  Sunday's. I require 24 hours notice for weekend appointments (outcal only). This means Saturday appointments should be booked on Friday and Sunday appointments booked on Sunday.


It was my intention to start the New Year with availability exclusively on a touring basis.

However, to the delight of some my longtime regulars :-), the end of 2019 got incredibly busy and I was unable to plan adequately for such change.

Thus, I have decided to roll out an  official tour for "Summer 2020".

Please continue to fill out the form below so that you are the first to know when I'm coming to your city.