COVID-19 Updates

While it is wonderful to be able to have physical interactions again, my top priority is for the safety and health of anyone with whom I come in contact. I have implemented a number of changes in order to maintain the sanitational integrity of my space.


I am hosting a very limited number of guests per day and must allow extended time in between appointments for added disinfection. Therefore: 

  • I am absolutely unable to accommodate last minute appointment requests.

  • I require a minimum 3 hours notice for same day appointments.

  • I am temporarily not accepting 30 minute appointments.

  • I have updated my services and availability


As always, I highly recommend booking (at minimum) the day before.

In addition: 


  • I am using an arsenal of chemical and UV light disinfectant before and after sessions.

  • Each guest will receive a set of fresh, bleached white linen.

  • You are welcome to wear a mask during the session. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I make every effort to keep myself and my guests Safe, Healthy, and Happy.