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I am Sweet Jasmine Monet (affectionately known as Jazz),

bodywork enthusiast, Nuru Goddess, and Luxury Companion. I have been a staple presence in the DMV area for quite some time. I pride myself on being discreet, reliable, timely, and always appropriate for the occasion. I am proud to be one of DC's most trusted companions.


For those whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, it is neither accident nor coincidence that led you to here today. 


Allow me to introduce myself further………


Who is Jasmine? I’m a Caribbean born, Southern raised sweetheart. It's my cultural mix of care-free Caribbean and southern charm that make me the darling lady  that I am. These qualities also tend to be very calming and anxiety reducing.

In my “real life” I have two undergraduate degrees in fields that are rooted in caring for others. I have a genuine passion for making others feel their absolute best. This passion, in addition to my natural curiosity and love of adventure fuel my desire to connect with others. 


Why Jasmine?  In life we spend a great deal of time doing the things that we are obligated to do. Time is precious and at least some portion of it should be spent doing the things that make us feel good. I'm someone who is non-judgmental and takes true joy in being in the company of a refined gentlemen. I want you to feel safe and relaxed; free to be passionate, creative, and even quirky (after all, it is those quirks that makes us interesting:-)).  I want to be the lady who facilitates the most enjoyable parts of your life.

Everyone needs inspiration....


Allow me to inspire your passions

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