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​Luxury Companionship

I truly believe in the 'art' of seduction, drawing you in with each movement, each kiss, every caress. I take great pleasure and pains to make sure each encounter is unique and fulfilling for both of us. There's something so arousing about whispered conversations, gentle caresses, 'accidental' brushes of my body against yours and soft kisses ... all a prelude to what we both truly desire.

1 Hour ~ Sweet Escape ~ $400

1.5 Hours ~ Rendezvous ~ $600

2 Hours ~ Extended Exploration ~ $800

3 Hours ~ Endless Escapade ~ $1200

Add Nuru for double the fun ~ $100

Inquire about longer trysts


You should know.....​

  • Luxury companionship can only be booked via booking form or direct email.

  • Please do not attempt to discuss this encounter with me via text or phone or during other services

  • This option can not be booked during other services

  • If we have met before please be sure to include any unique identifiers that may help me recollect who you are. If I can not recall who you are with 100% certainty, I will ask for screening info.

Thank you

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